LionDATA quality standards

LionDATA stands worldwide for rugged quality, reliability and security of investment. The focal points in development are audiovisual data transfer and systems for remote computer access.
Our products meet numerous international standards and norms, such as:

Key features — What distinguishes all LionDATA products?

In addition to the aforementioned criteria, there are also a number of features that make LionDATA a leader in its field:

CATx Technology

CATx cables have proven themselves to be an ideal transmission medium in situations where there is a need to display video images synchronously over long distances on multiple monitors – inexpensive, robust and easy to install, ubiquitously available and therefore, easily replaced if needed.

Approved Quality

... stands for first-class workmanship, a solid-state metal housing and a fanless design that ensures maintenance-free operation even under extreme environmental conditions. You save service costs and have no downtime.

Green IT

... stands for making the use of IT including all its components – from the design and production of devices, through to their use, and right on up to their disposal or recycling – in an environmentally friendly and resource friendly way. The amount of CO2 created by IT worldwide is currently equivalent to the CO2 emissions produced by international aviation.


Offers an image resolution of 1920 × 1080 Pixel (Format 16:9), which is currently the highest resolution available in the consumer market; it is referred to as full HD. Full HD-ready devices must display this resolution without loss of quality or process the required signals appropriate to this resolution.

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