CAT Xtender — Extending your reach!

In many environments – such as work stations, medical technology and industrial environments – it is necessary to house a computer or server in a remote, secured room. The reasons for this may be a lack of space, concerns about security, unwanted operating noise, noise pollution or a need to maintain a sterile environment.

This is where LionDATA CAT Xtender come in: using these high-end extensions, you can access your computer at distances of up to 300m. Depending on the model selected, they transmit HDMI, USB 2.0, VGA, PS/2, USB and RS232 signals via CATx cables and provide a video resolution of up to 1920 × 1200 pixels.

Hardware only

CAT Xtender consist of a transmitter and a receiver, which communicate with one another via CATx cables. Even the image sharpness and brightness can be remotely adjusted, depending on the model. Since this is purely a hardware solution, no additional software and no network are needed.

Flexibility is a top priority: depending on the model, the transmitters have VGA and USB inputs (and an optional PS/2), RJ45 outputs as well as VGA and PS/2 ports for local access; the receivers have RJ45 and VGA ports as well as PS/2 outputs and USB connections, depending on the model selected.

LionDATA CAT Xtender are used everywhere, where placing the PC in a remote location would benefit the workplace in the following ways:


Resolution 1600 × 1200
2x PS/2 for keyboard/mouse
Adjustment of image sharpness, brightness
Transmission of up to 75m

CAT Xtender ECO

Resolution 1920 × 1200
PS/2 and USB connection for keyboard/mouse
Adjustment of image sharpness, brightness
With added local access
Transmission of up to 120m

CAT Xtender PRO

Resolution 1920 × 1200
PS/2 and USB connections for keyboard/mouse
With RS232 port
Adjustment of image sharpness, brightness
Adjustment of RGB skew
Including lock function (receiver)
Transmission of up to 300m


Resolution 1920 x 1080 @60Hz
With RS232 port
4 x USB 2.0-port
Transmission 1:1 up to 100 m
networkable, ID changeable

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