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LionDATA digital signage products are used worldwide without problems, day after day, week after week, year after year – because they are rated for 24/7 use. Whether in textile retail, the supermarket, shopping center, department store, restaurant or pharmacy – Lion is at work every day with diligence and utmost precision in the video broadcasting solutions sector!

Digital signage solutions from LionDATA are used to provide information, entertainment or advertising content to the point-of-sale with the best possible image quality. Whether it is in the field of transportation systems, where arrival and departure times are sent, or whether it serves the Stock Exchange, where important market price data must be displayed on multiple monitors at the same time with no delays; whether it is used to reduce perceived wait times, increase the average length of stay or increase sales of high-quality products – products are always the first choice.

You can see where, how and why LionDATA technology has paid off in the case studies presented below:

Real-time stock exchange data

LionDATA digital signage systems transmit stock exchange information in real time to the in-house trading team at one of the largest banks in Hong Kong and simultaneously to customer advising sites – the trustworthiness and reliability played the most significant role in this case when deciding on the technology used.

Ad-supported customer management systems

The ad-supported customer orientation system at a large department store chain in Japan relies on LionDATA technology for its image transmission because of the brilliant video quality. In addition, monitors can be controlled via the monitor-status-control function.

Videos at the point-of-sale

LionDATA digital signage solutions are used at the offices of a leading textile retailer in Canada to transmit atmospheric images and fashion videos at the point-of-sale, in order to provide their customers with a comfortable atmosphere and to increase their willingness to buy.

Marketing additional services

A well-known fast food chain relies on the quality of LionDATA at many of their South American franchises. Various high-margin products and additional services are offered here at the POS. The PC player is located in a locked room behind the scenes in order to increase its service life.

Transmission over long distances

In various shopping centers, including ones in Austria and Germany, LionDATA digital signage systems provide simultaneous transmission of image content over long distances and to many different locations. By using LionDATA technology, the costs for the entire project could be reduced by 40% due to savings on software licenses, PC hardware and power. In addition, the excellent quality of the transmission was an important criterion in the decision-making process.

Completely synchronous content

LionDATA split technology is used in numerous duty free shops in the United States, where a completely synchronous display of content is needed on multiple monitors. A mix of news, entertainment and advertising is intended to increase the average stay in the shop.

Increased attentiveness

A drugstore chain in France uses LionDATA digital signage technology to increase attentiveness in the form of moving images for certain product categories, thereby increasing their sales of the products advertised.

Control and evaluation of the information on the screen

At many important airports throughout the world, the quality and robustness of LionDATA systems are appreciated, whether providing simultaneous transmission of flight information or ad-supported entertainment programming in various areas (general area, departures, arrivals, etc.). – The control and evaluation of the information on the screen are guaranteed using a monitor status control (MSC) interface integrated into the device. Thus the current or previous status of the monitor can always be determined (on, off, temperature) – this is an important issue in ad-supported networks.

Safety first

A traditional bank in Europe decided, for safety reasons, to remove the PCs in their trading department work places to a secure, air-conditioned room. With the help of LionDATA Xtender technology, all employees continue to have remote access to their own PC – without disruptive noise (fanless technology).

Broadcasting technology in advertising

LionDATA AVX broadcasting technology is also used at a grocery chain in Australia. Here, for example, the produce department promotes its organic product line by showing consumers the processing steps all the way to the finished product with a detailed explanation.

LionDATA system solutions are optimized for the following digital signage networks, among others: the retail industry (textile retail, food retail etc.), the financial industry (banks, insurance companies, home loan banks etc.), restaurants and fast food chains, gas stations, transportation systems (train stations, airports, highway rest stops, subway stations, etc.), tourism and hotels, the entertainment industry (cinema, musicals, comedy, …), medical technology and industrial production.

LionDATA advisors would be happy to provide a consultation about solutions for all (other) industries.

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