LionDATA — highest quality and reliability

LionDATA is synonymous throughout the world with quality, reliability and security of investment in developing high-quality solutions in the image transmission sector.

Innovation, reliability and robustness are the focus of engineers who develop LionDATA systems and their features. LionDATA develops sustainable products with added value and in some cases, unique, innovative features for the digital signage and IT world. The development and production of LionDATA systems and components are developed and produced globally on three different continents, in some cases in compliance with the highest security standards.

LionDATA has introduced and developed various products for the IT and digital signage sectors based on numerous customer requests and project inquiries. Quality systems for the transmission of KVM signals, LCD consoles and MSC products for the control and monitoring of serial devices have been and are the focus in this segment. In addition, LionDATA has implemented various special solutions for customer-specific projects worldwide.

The LionDATA AVX-VC media distribution system is certainly one milestone which, in addition to serial MSC-control, offers control of UNIX machines via a single serial interface. This confirms LionDATA’s leading role in the digital signage sector.

LionDATA products are available in almost 100 countries worldwide and are used in thousands of companies throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia. LionDATA technology, which in part is also used as an OEM, is a market leader in many sectors.

LionDATA systems are used in the military sector, data centers, media technology, public management, production, the automotive sector, control rooms and many other environments – wherever high-quality and reliable image transmission are essential.

In addition to quality assurance in production, all LionDATA products are randomly selected for additional testing at various logistics centers in order to guarantee the highest quality standards.
All authorized partners have a trained technical and sales team as well as qualified phone support.

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