Digital Signage by Liondata - Well roared, lion!

High-tech for every field of application: LionDATA offers customized solutions for digital signage, multi-screen video, and computer-monitor communication. From the airport to the trading floor, from the shopping center to the production hall – the Lion is always the right choice.

Digital Signage by Liondata
Economical — flexible — robust

With LionDATA, efficiency is an integral part of what we provide: using a single PC to control multiple monitors or digital signage boards saves expenses several-fold. Only one software license for the entire presentation area, an energy savings of approximately 90% as compared with a single-user solution and lower server fees will immediately have a noticeably positive effect on your budget. Your budget analyst will also be pleased with the lower maintenance costs.

The product range is equipped for every contingency: synchronous, real-time transmission of audio and video to up to 100 monitors, remote PC access, and even touchscreen functions are no problem at all with LionDATA. In full HD quality, of course.

Plus: whether it’s digital signage, CAT Xtender or Eagle Eye, all LionDATA products come in a high-quality, rock-solid metal housing – long service life guaranteed.

Live streaming

Live streaming refers to streaming media that is provided live, in real time. Encoding software converts the signal into a video/audio stream so that it can be transferred over the IP network (hence it is sometimes called IP streaming).

LionDATA technology makes it possible to generate hardware-based live streams between transmitters and receivers for digital signage networks. In the process, no additional software is required.

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