AVX Player & Signboards

Digital signage in digital quality. The LionDATA AVX Player PRO is a high-end player system - combining maximum power savings and reliability, all in the highest digital quality (Full HD).

Thanks to the fanless architecture and the lack of moving parts it provides maximum reliability and ensures extremely low TCO (total cost of ownership) during the project period. Its slim 6W power consumption makes it quite rightly an advocate of Green IT technology.

AVX Broadcaster

For digital signage in shopping centers, banks, fast food chains, the retail industry, gas stations, manufacturing facilities and many, many other applications, AVX systems from LionDATA are the first choice when it comes to a 100% synchronous presentation on multiple screens.

Whether it’s VGA, HDMI, DVI or IP streaming – all LionDATA Broadcaster systems use robust CATx cables, are full HD-ready, green-IT-ready and, thanks to an absence of moving parts (such as fans), noise-free and very low-maintenance.

Digital Signage Monitors

For professional 24/7 use. As the last link in the Digital Signage chain the monitors have a vital importance. They have to be fail-safe in constant use, whether indoors or outdoors. They should work as quietly as possible, efficient and maintenance free. They must play audio signals and have to be vandalism proof. For each use, we have just the right monitor.


The LionDATA AVX Kiosk-Solution 49AST is the ideal information system with a convincing classy and eye-catching design. Thanks to its brilliant Full-HD resolution it allows to transmit information and advertising messages in highest digital quality.

KVM Extender series: CAT Xtender

Remote control – monitor, mouse and peripherals on site; the main computer at a safe distance: whereever it is necessary or useful to place the computer in a different room or at a greater distance, LionDATA CAT Xtender offers complete control at a distance of 300 meters.

Whether you want to eliminate annoying fan noise in the work place, extend the service life of the PC hardware or provide better protection against tampering, regardless of whether VGA, PS/2, USB or RS232 signals are being transmitted – the LionDATA KVM Extender makes all of this easy thanks to its silent, low-maintenance operation.

LCD keyboard drawer: Eagle Eye Rack Series

The space-saving, multifunctional keyboard drawer for use in a 19” rack. Faster access for local control in the equipment room or cabinet using LionDATA’s Eagle Eye Rack series. The Eagle Eye Rack series combines monitor, mouse and keyboard in just one rack unit.

Compatibility with all professional KVM switches provides local control via hundreds of computers – all of it with razor-sharp image quality.

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